• If you are looking into joining BFT, please join our Discord before applying to the website. You can get to the Discord by pressing the purple Discord button near the top right of the website below the login. You can also join the Discord if you merely have questions.


Bad Frag Tactical Charter


This is the charter for Bad Frag Tactical. This is our basic guidelines for how this community runs and what it is about.


1.0 - Mission Statement

Bad Frag Tactical aims to focus on the values of teamwork, coordination and communication to achieve our goals. Let these values guide you as they guide us.

1.1 - Every member, regardless of background, shall be treated as equals.

1.2 - No member will be above another in terms of favoritism to be granted protections, powers, or privileges that are outside those available to everyone.

1.3 - Every member has the right to freedom of speech. So long as it is done constructively, professionally and respectfully.

1.4 - The focus of this community is the playing of ArmA in a tactical but fun way.

1.5 - Every member of BFT is the community’s core and should support the enforcement of the Charter and the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of BFT.

1.6 - BFT members and guests will not willfully act or plan to overthrow the Charter or its SOPs that the community is built on.


2.0 - Basic Rules

All members must follow the rules of BFT so that it benefits the community in its entirety.

2.1 - These rules shall be applied to everyone regardless of position.

2.2 - Members should respect each other and shall enforce this standard.

2.2.1 - Members shall not harass nor bully members.

2.3 - Members and guests will not cheat nor hack within any of BFT’s official servers and unofficial member servers.

2.4 - Every member will understand the Charter as well as any SOPs in relation to their role within the community.

2.5 - Players shall respect and obey the Chain of Command in and out of game.