• If you are looking into joining BFT, please join our Discord before applying to the website. You can get to the Discord by pressing the purple Discord button near the top right of the website below the login. You can also join the Discord if you merely have questions.

Discord / Teamspeak Rules

Discord / Teamspeak Rules


1.0 - Basic Rules

1.1 - All users must follow the community charter as an extension to this SOP.

1.2 - Any NCO or higher are to follow the following order of punishment

1.2.1 - 1st Offense = Warning

1.2.2 - 2nd Offense = Kick

1.2.3 - 3rd and Final Offense = Ban from Community


2.0 - Communications

2.1 - Members must maintain a properly working microphone.

2.1.1 - Mics not have static or be cutting out due to damaged equipment.

2.2 - Background noises should be minimalized as much as possible.

2.2.1 - If background noise continues, user must go to Push-To-Talk or be put on the PTT usergroup.

2.3 - All members must communicate in English.

2.3.1 - If members wish to communicate in a language other than English together, they should do so with the okay of everyone else in the channel.

2.3.2 - If a member joins a public channel with members speaking a different language, they must stop and get the okay from the joining user to continue.

2.4 - Soundboards are extremely prohibited and may warrant in immediate removal from the community depending on the extent of the offense.


3.0 - Avatars

3.1 - Any member or guest of the TeamSpeak are permitted to an avatar up to 300x300.

3.2 - Avatars are to not contain any nudity, pornographic material, or discriminatory imagery.


4.0 - Usernames

4.1 - Usernames should not contain any discriminatory language or cursing.

4.2 - Icons / Symbols are currently not allowed in usernames.

4.3 - Usernames must be in English. (Ex. Mannulus is acceptable as you can read it though it is in Latin.)


5.0 - Channels

5.1 - Channels are to be utilized by their labeling (Ex. Recruiting in Recruitment Office)

5.2 - Any and all administrative actions are to be kept to the respective office.

5.3 - Members will not loiter in the Entry Gate. Any non-game / general discussion should be kept in the Main Lobby.


6.0 - Offices

6.1 - All offices are to be kept locked with a password at all times.

6.2 - Every office must have the name of the owner of that office in the channel name.

6.3 - Meetings and / or administrative actions should be kept in the offices as per TeamSpeak SOP 3.2.


7.0 - Administrative Powers

7.1 - Members with the Server groups NCO or higher (specifically NCO, SrNCO, Officer, and Sr. Officer) are to not use their abilities outside their intended purpose.

7.2 - Any form of changing of rank / training server group must be approved by the Platoon Leader / Head Instructor respectively.

7.3 - Any possible flaws / loopholes in the permissions of the server groups should be reported immediately to the TeamSpeak Manager (Mannulus).

7.4 - Any abuse of administrative power (for personal gain or otherwise) will have the permissions immediately remove until a review can be held.


8.0 - Mission Signup

8.1 - Missions are to be posted in the #briefing-room channel only.

8.2 - It is mandatory to indicate if you are attending or not, regardless of reason.

8.3 - Repeated failures to indicate if coming or not will result in being removed from BFT.