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Ingame Rules

Ingame Rules


These are the rules that must be followed ingame at all times.


1.0 - TeamSpeak

1.1 - TeamSpeak SOP must be observed even during ingame events.

1.2 - TeamSpeak names must match ingame names (and vice-versa).

1.3 - All members / guests playing ingame must be in the TS and in the proper channel.

1.4 - Members and guests must have the same version plugin for ACRE2.


2.0 - Roles

2.1 - Roles are on a voluntary basis. Members may choose their roles freely assuming they have the proper certifications if any.

2.1.1 - All members who are new must fill infantry roles for a minimum of one month or longer as defined by the Platoon Leader.

2.2 - Members must fill up all slots by group (Alpha 1 to Alpha 2 and so on). No skipping.

2.3 - Squad Leaders can request people to fill certain positions to maintain 2.2.

2.4 - All mandatory positions must be filled before mission start.

2.5 - If a certification required role or a role that requires a more experienced member is required and is not filled, the SL can allow lower rank members to fill that role.

2.5.1 - If the SL is not available to make this decision, the TL may allow it but must report it up the Chain of Command so that all levels of leadership are informed.

2.6 - Only members with the rank of ‘Experienced’ or higher may do leadership roles.

2.7 - The Mission Maker should be the highest-level leadership the majority of the time. (Ex. Platoon Leader as of 3/1/2018).



3.0 - Leadership

3.1 - All leadership positions must be filled by mission start.

3.2 - The Platoon Leader (PL) is only in charge of his Squad Leaders (SL) which are only in charge of their Team Leaders. The Team Leaders are in charge of their fireteam elements.

3.2.1 - At no time should a SL interfere with Team Leader level commanding and vice versa unless 3.2.2 occurs.

3.2.2 - If in the event a PL / SL / TL is killed, then the next level of leadership down takes over (SL takes over PL, TL takes over SL, TM takes over TL). (Only applies to 1-Life Operations).

3.3 - Leaders may request the removal of an individual to the proper Admin(s) if individual is acting detrimental to the gameplay / being disruptive.


4.0 - Assets / Equipment

4.1 - Members should be careful with assets (Ex. Tanks, APC’s, Unique vehicles, etc.).

4.1.1 - Assets should not be wasted during operations nor used for a purpose outside of intention.

4.2 - Enemy vehicles are to not be used unless it was intended as such by mission maker and should be mentioned as such during briefing / in briefing notes.

4.3 - Usage of enemy equipment (AT, Weapons, Ammo, Etc.) is prohibited unless it is allowed by the mission maker (same as 4.2).


5.0 - Communication

5.1 - Communication on radios should be restricted to important information only.

5.1.1 - Important information includes the following: Contact reports, movement orders, and sitreps.

5.2 - Any non-important information should be kept off the radio at all costs.

5.3 - Global & Side chat is only for Admins and the mission maker.

5.4 - Vehicle and Direct Communication is allowed as it is limited to local area.

5.5 - Group chat should only be used to announce a member is leaving the server.