• If you are looking into joining BFT, please join our Discord before applying to the website. You can get to the Discord by pressing the purple Discord button near the top right of the website below the login. You can also join the Discord if you merely have questions.


This is the current Modpack of Bad Frag Tactical, with Steam links to make it easier to grab anything you might be specifically missing.


DO NOT enable ace3 on top of BFT ACE. They are two completely different variants of ACE3 and the server WILL kick you if you have regular ace turned on.

Do not overwrite addons when doing updates for BFTMinor / BFTACE. You will get conflicts as pbos are usually removed / updated individually. You must delete the entire addon before putting in the updated version. Failure to do so will result in being kicked during operations as CBA will put an error for me to see if it happens.


CBA - Download

ACRE2 - Download

BFTACE 1.3 - Download

RHSUSAF - Download

RHSAFRF - Download

RHSGREF - Download

RHSSAF - Download

BFTMinor v2.5 - Download

CUP Terrains Core - Download

CUP Terrains Maps - Download

CUP Terrains CWA - Download

CUP Weapons - Download

HEBONTES - Download

Project OPFOR - Download