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  1. Mannulus

    Goals of Q4 2019

    We are soon to be 3 months from BFT's Winter Break. In the course of this year alone, we have completed the following: Created a new SOP revolving around Discord (Combined with the TS one into a new one). Updated parts of the Charter for the first time. Overhauled the unit into a semi-realism...
  2. Mannulus

    New Awards Added

    The following awards have been added to the award management system: Joint Service Commendation Medal Awarded for participating in a mission / training with another unit attending. Bronze Star Awarded for bravery in the face of danger. Can be awarded to individuals who's actions saved an...
  3. Mannulus

    Award Order: Will - Army Achievement Medal

    In recognition for a long time service as Squad Leader even when faced with difficulties both within and outside of the unit, @Will is hereby awarded the Army Achievement Medal (A first for our unit). Thank you Will for all you have done over the years and we hope to see more in the future!
  4. Mannulus

    Staff Positions

    There is a couple of dedicated staff positions open in BFT. These are duties that are performed out of game and help run BFT. Signing up for one of these roles entail the user to the rank of Warrant Officer Candidate and a potential career path in the Warrant Officer lane. This is also on top of...
  5. Mannulus

    Information Bad Frag Tactical's Rank Structure

    In BFT, we use our own rank structure to not only differentiate ourselves from other units but also to add importance to each role rather than just a gimmick. Below is our ranks from smallest to biggest, what they are and how to earn em: Members pFNG The pFNG is essentially a "trial period"...
  6. Mannulus

    Promotion Orders - Veteran: TheJazzJukebox

    Due to continued dedication to Bad Frag Tactical and eagerness to perform in a leadership position, I present the rank of Veteran to TheJazzJukebox.
  7. Mannulus

    ACE3 Settings Update

    Cookoff Ammunition Box cookup re-enabled (short time of cooking off however). Magazine Repack Time for repacking belt links reduced from 8 seconds per link to 7. Map Limited Zoom Enabled Map Gestures Visibility increased for map names. Medical Bleeding Coefficient reduced from 1.2 to...
  8. Mannulus

    Promotion Orders - Experienced: Grim

    For continued service towards BFT, I am happy to award the rank of Experienced to @Grim
  9. Mannulus

    Information Common Questions

    Joining a community (especially complicated ones in the case of ArmA) can be either stressful, annoying, and or just downright confusing. Maybe you don't have time to have 'interviews' with various units. We hope that answering some common questions (and then some!). I have a busy life or...
  10. Mannulus

    Information How to join Bad Frag Tactical.

    The process to joining BFT is rather straightforward even if it is different than what a lot of units/communities do. If you follow the steps below, you will be well on your way to participating in grand operations with many others! Join the BFT's Discord (Either through clicking the bluish...
  11. Mannulus

    Promotion Orders - CW3 Maxwell

    After a long time of being in BFT (Over 4+ years), I am happy to award the promotion of Chief Warrant Officer III to @Maxwell !
  12. Mannulus

    Class Schedules

    Class Schedules Medical Course - 9/18/2019 @ 7pm EST Airborne - 9/19/2019 @ 7pm EST
  13. Mannulus

    Class Graduation - 9/12/19

    It was not long ago that these three individuals arrived in BFT. Now, they are fully fledged BFT members who can begin to branch out and specialize as they want. The following individuals are as followed and any awards and rank changes. @Eudamidas Promoted to Regular Earned the Honor...
  14. Mannulus


  15. Mannulus


    MISSION ROSTER Prelude - "Showtime" - (VG) - U.S Forces land on the island of Utes to knock out the forward SAM & Radar Installations before the main fleet arrives. However, it won't be easy and its expected that this will draw an audience. I guess it's show time. Mission 01 - "- TO BE...
  16. Mannulus

    Radio Guide

    Radio Communications Guide By Mannulus [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] AN/PRC-343 AN/PRC-148
  17. Mannulus

    Medical Guide

    Medical Guide By Mannulus Tactical Combat Casualty Care Background In combat, the correct medical usage and triage could mean the difference between losing one person or multiple. It could mean wasting valuable medical supplies that could've been used on someone else thus saving their life...
  18. Mannulus

    Information Squad XML

    It is a requirement of BFT to have the unit emblem on your insignia shoulder during operations and such, if you are not already. Please post below your PlayerID and Username (Case Sensitive). You will need to add this URL to the Custom Unit tab of your ArmA 3 Profile in the game's main menu to...
  19. Mannulus


    Pre-Start Checklist Before we are greenlit for this campaign, we have a number of things to accomplish from both units. These are expected to be completed within the next couple of weeks in order to meet the deadline for the campaign start. Questions regarding the checklist itself or if...
  20. Mannulus


    OPERATION COLDSTONE Created by Mannulus CAMPAIGN Bad Frag Tactical Coming Soon Synopsis: "The light is green. We have one shot at this gentleman. It won't be long now till it starts to snow and we need to be ready to strike when that time comes." SPECIAL AWARDS UPON SUCCESSFUL...