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    Uprising: Sangin

    - COMING SOON - 5/18/2019
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    Manny's War Room

    This will be the main holder of all upcoming operations that is in development / ready to play. There will be a synopsis with every mission, including a download link (after it has been played at least once on the server) and a link to the AAR for records. Season 1 Missions Dead Men's...
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    Campaign Operation: Black Swan

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    Campaign Operation: Black Swan

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    Campaign Operation: Black Swan

    OPERATION: BLACK SWAN In 2011, the Greek Government of Λήμνος (Limnos) created the Kallikratis Plan, which is part of the overall Kallikratis government reform. The reform was seen by many as a weak attempt to try to fix the earlier 2006 Financial Crisis through a series of centralization's...
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    High Command Roster

    BFT High Command Roster Founder Mannulus Game Directors Mannulus
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    2019 Overview

    BAD FRAG TACTICAL 2019 Overview ArmA 3 Operation: Black Swan There will be a server opening for BFT using an ALiVE framework with persistence. Focus will be on combined arms in a fictional campaign known as Operation: Black Swan. Where a covert operation by U.S Task Force Dragoon. Future...
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    Changelog - 2/28/2019 Added ServerGuard. ? Added M9 Beretta Added H&K MP7 Added Colt Python Adjusted Civil Protection pay (From €10 credits to €5) Changed faction scoreboard name for Metropolice Force to Civil Protection and given scoreboard color change. Adjusted Conscription Force color on...
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    Changelog - 2/23/2019 Added Kar98k + Ammo Added Duty Belt Added Bag Added Conscription Forces Faction + Class Added GBombs, Cry of Fear SNPCs (Addons)
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    These are the changelogs for the HL2RP City Seventeen Server.
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    Here is the Steam Collection for the content we use in our server. Please note you may also need the following to remove any remaining errors / missing textures: CSS HL2: Episode 1 HL2: Episode 2
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    Civil Protection Johnnington, Erik - 18577 - Civil Protection

    Approved. Please wait for Civil Protection forces to retrieve you for processing.
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    Civil Protection Johnnington, Erik - 18577 - Civil Protection

    Under Consideration. - Waiver was granted by Owner (Myself)
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    Soft Launch Tomorrow.

    There will be a soft launch of the HL2RP server tomorrow on 2/20/2019 around the afternoon. This is an opportunity to get your characters made, get initial feelings on the roleplay framework and get initial factions's made. Hope to see y'all there.
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    Sarah Watkins

    Basic Information: Name: Sarah Watkins Age: 20 D.O.B: 2/23/93 Gender: Female Affiliation: Unknown Kin: John Watkins - Father - Alive Emily Watkins - Mother - Unknown Elizabeth Watkins - Sister - Unknown Alysia Watkins - Sister - Dead Max Watkins - Brother - Dead Birthplace: Unknown...
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    Main Story Main Story Arc - "Red Letter Day"

    Main Story Arc #1 Red Letter Day Chapter I: The New Arrivals Our story starts by focusing on a series of trains as they blaze down the old rail system of the old world. The train rocks slightly as it makes a slight turn around a rocky bend in the tracks. As the horizon gives way, a large...
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    Information Civil Protection Application Format

    City Seventeen Civil Protection Application Format Application Topics must start with Last, First Name - CID - Faction for which you are applying Ex.) Doe, John - 12345 - Civil Protection Failure to do this will result in immediate denial of application. By completing this application, you...
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    HL2RP Rules

    Half-Life 2 Roleplay Ruleset General Metagaming (Using OOC information ICly. An example of this would be knowing a person's character belongs to The Resistance from their Char Bio on the forums and then arresting them ingame for it). Meta-Baiting Cross-Gaming - Using a character (or...
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    Staff Team

    Head Staff Mannulus Moderators
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    City Seventeen - Overview

    City Seventeen Overview --- History Prior to the Seven-Hour War and its official establishment, City Seventeen was known simply as Ukraine in Eastern Europe. Years of civil wars, terrorist activity, and eventual an invasion by neighboring Russia left Ukraine extremely crippled, with most of...