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2019 Overview


Game Director
2019 Overview

ArmA 3
Operation: Black Swan

There will be a server opening for BFT using an ALiVE framework with persistence. Focus will be on combined arms in a fictional campaign known as Operation: Black Swan. Where a covert operation by U.S Task Force Dragoon. Future information will be released separately in the ArmA 3 section of the forums.


Ready or Not

As most people know, there is a heavy anticipation for Ready or Not to be released. A spiritual successor of the SWAT series, it is planned for us to open a server / group for recruiting and playing on. Expect more information early to mid March.

Game Directors

We are looking for individuals to act as Game Directors within BFT. These people must be committed to the game they wish to support and recruit for and in return will get a forum dedicated to just their game (and possibly a server if popular enough). Send a pm to me over the website if you have questions.