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Appeals Application Form

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Sr. Officer
  • Bronze Star
  • Parachute Badge (Basic)
  • Ranger Tab
  • National Defense Medal
  • Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (V)
Appeals Application
Individuals who wish to file an appeal for an administrative action that was taken against them can post a thread using the application format below. Examples of administrative action include but not limited too: Demotions, Discord/TS/Server Bans, Gags, etc. Understand that filing these are extremely serious and are personally reviewed by no less than an officer, one NCO and a random jury of Sr. Veteran and down (2-3 people). As much detail and effort should be placed when submitting an appeal as those who fail to do so may have their appeal immediately denied and barred from appealing the action.

Thread Title: {Username} - {Administrative Action in Question}
Ex.) Mannulus - Demotion


Application Format:

Date & Time of Administrative Action:
Issuer of Action:

What should happen to the action? (Removed / Changed):

Why do you feel like the action should be appealed?

Evidence for reason of removal / change of action:
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