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Information Bad Frag Tactical's Rank Structure

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Sr. Officer
  • Bronze Star
  • Parachute Badge (Basic)
  • Ranger Tab
  • National Defense Medal
  • Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (V)
In BFT, we use our own rank structure to not only differentiate ourselves from other units but also to add importance to each role rather than just a gimmick. Below is our ranks from smallest to biggest, what they are and how to earn em:



The pFNG is essentially a "trial period" for those who wish to join. It allows them to see how we operate in a non-committed fashion and allows us to see if they are a good fit for us.


The FNG is the first official rank in BFT. It is awarded for completing our 'BCT' which we call Phase Training.


The first milestone in BFT. It signifies that the individual has been a part of BFT for over two months (without disciplinary action). This is also the first rank in which members can start using more specialized roles like Autorifleman, Anti-Tank, Etc.


Experienced & Seasoned
At four and six months respectively, members will be promoted to Experienced and then Seasoned (with Seasoned marking the second milestone for being in BFT for 6 months). It is usually expected for these members to begin volunteering for leadership positions during missions. This is the last non-staff position in BFT before 'Veterancy'.

Staff Team


The third milestone in BFT. Veterans are the standard setters for BFT. They have been in the unit for over a year and are the most junior members of the Staff Team. They are responsible for maintaining order in and out of missions, as well as participating in decision making during staff meetings. They are also usually the ones to volunteer for leadership positions during missions. However, the only way to get to Veteran is to be approved by the current staff team when the time comes (and it has to be applied for by the individual who wants it as well).


Sr. Veteran
The Senior Veteran is similar to the Veteran. They each only require a year to be eligible to be promoted too and be approved by the current staff team. The main difference is that Sr. Veterans are Veterans that have been that position for 6 months to a year. They can also be promoted from Seasoned to Senior Veteran if the individual in question is heavily motivated and has contributed to BFT greatly.

NCO Corp


The first and junior level rank of the NCO Corp. Is usually seen leading a fireteam or is an expert in performing specialized roles like autorifleman, anti-tank, sniper, crewman, etc. While they are technically part of the NCO Corp, they are still restricted to the Staff Team channel(s) as they are essentially a trial for later ranks. To get promoted to Jr. NCO, they have to request it and be approved for it by the NCO Corp AND a member from the Officer Corp.


The main body of the NCO Corp. One or two NCO's are usually assigned per squad in BFT and are in complete charge of that squad roster. This includes but is not limited to: promotions, punishments, award recommendations, training scheduling, etc. It is a very stressful position and is usually reserved for the most hard-lined supporters of BFT. It is because of this fact that they are granted the Leadership Table channel access for high level unit management. Like previous ranks, this is only awarded if requested but there is also a slot open to be in an NCO position (Usually as Squad Leader or Squad Assistant).


Currently the highest rank one can obtain in the NCO Corp, the Sr. NCO is in charge of an entire platoon's NCO Corp. They are responsible for making sure that the lower ranking NCO's are performing their duties and passing down information as required from the Officer Corp.

Officer Corp


If not assigned of being in charge of an entire platoon's operation, they are usually acting in a form of XO capacity for BFT. They are also usually individuals who have served in BFT as part of the Operation Staff for a consistent period of time. The only way to get into the Officer Corp is to be manually approved by the Senior Officer (Leader of BFT).


Sr. Officer
The current leader of BFT. Is in charge of all of the Officer Corp and Operation Staff.

Operation Staff

The Operation Staff are a somewhat separate part of the BFT's rank structure. Anyone who is 6+ months into the unit can become part of the Operation Staff. It is also used to promote anyone who has been part of the unit for more than 2+ years (usually 3 or more) as their experience in the BFT is well worth the designation. These are shown as Warrant Officers (ranking from WO1 to CW5) where WO1 usually has a mere 2-3 years while a CW5 has in excess of 6-7+ years in the unit. A lot of times, those high enough in the Operation Staff can apply for the Officer Corp and still continue their duties in Operation Staff. The primary purpose of the Operation Staff are individuals dedicated to specific duties within the unit. These include but are not limited too: Recruitment, Website Management, Mission Design, Trainers, Etc.


Warrant Officer Candidate
Individuals who apply for and are approved for Operation Staff are set as Warrant Officer Candidates (WOC). This is a trial period that has no timeline. It is to see if the individual upholds the standard to which others are put too and do the duty that they applied to do. They have no unique access to any communication channels if any permissions at all. After a while of successful recruitments, missions made, etc. they will be promoted to Warrant Officer I and continue with their assignment.


Warrant Officer I through V.
Each successful year of doing their assignment(s) marks an immediate promotion to the next rank.​
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