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Information Civil Protection Application Format

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City Seventeen Civil Protection Application Format

Application Topics must start with Last, First Name - CID - Faction for which you are applying
Ex.) Doe, John - 12345 - Civil Protection
Failure to do this will result in immediate denial of application.

  • By completing this application, you understand that the character you apply with will be the only one allowed in the Civil Protection and you will have to make a new application for every character to go into Civil Protection.
  • By completing this application, you understand you will be held to a much higher standard of roleplay than the rest of the community and your time in the faction is dictated by how well you roleplay.
  • Instead of providing roleplay examples, we use the Conscript faction and vouching (+ or - Support and reason for either or through the application's post) to verify the person's ability to perform the Civil Protection role correctly.
  • Waivers can be granted by the Civil Protection Command Staff, multiple SuperAdmin approvals, or finally by the Owner to skip the mandatory Conscript service.

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Last, First Name:
Are you currently serving in the Conscripts? If so, how much time in service?
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