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Goals of Q4 2019


Sr. Officer
  • Bronze Star
  • Parachute Badge (Basic)
  • Ranger Tab
  • National Defense Medal
  • Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (V)
We are soon to be 3 months from BFT's Winter Break. In the course of this year alone, we have completed the following:
  • Created a new SOP revolving around Discord (Combined with the TS one into a new one).
  • Updated parts of the Charter for the first time.
  • Overhauled the unit into a semi-realism state.
    • Made new mandatory trainings
    • Updated Equipment SOPs
    • Overhauled the rank structure
  • Moved us from the 'old-brown' website to a new flashy one.
    • Added an Awards system to acknowledge people's actions during missions.
  • Recruited 7 new people as of this post's creation.
  • Completed a joint-training with another unit.
This is an amazing thing to see done in under 9 months and I am happy to see how the future goes. With that being said, there are a few things I wish to cover.

There is a lot I wish to do with the website and the server to close out 2019 with. These are all things that I think are easily accomplished if everyone contributes. If you see something below you can help with, please do it. I also attached the required monetary values for some of these as well as we are depending on 3rd party contractors for em.

  • Acquire a Calendar system (for planning out trainings, missions, etc.) - $35 Now in Development - Thanks to the contributions by @Benny @Stevie
  • Acquire a forms system (For SL's to do attendance, file missions AAR's, a better enlistment system, etc) - $25
  • Discord Integration - $30
  • Move more elements of Discord and TS to Website (AAR's for example)
  • Dedicated Squad rooms.
  • Main Page Creation.
  • Insure costs are covered till January 1st, 2020. - $87.66
  • Look into possible 2nd Server (ALiVE perhaps? Or another game)
  • Better scripts / mods for improving setup time during missions.
Thanks for reviewing this and if interested in contributing to the financial cost for any of these, let me know.
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