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HL2RP Rules


Game Director
Half-Life 2 Roleplay Ruleset

  • Metagaming (Using OOC information ICly. An example of this would be knowing a person's character belongs to The Resistance from their Char Bio on the forums and then arresting them ingame for it).
  • Meta-Baiting
  • Cross-Gaming - Using a character (or characters) of yours to benefit your other character(s)
  • AvoidRP (via disconnecting, afking mid situation and so on)
  • ERP should be kept in private channels (Steam). PDA however is accepted.
  • Voiding a situation without all involved parties consent (Or an SA approval)
  • Cheating or Exploiting of any kind (whether from programs or abusing ingame mechanics or bugs).
  • Behavior that is disruptive or Non-Serious to the community and its players.
  • Powergaming or "ForceRP" in which a person forces an action on another and or not giving them time to respond to their actions.
  • Using ‘weapons’ your character doesn’t actually have in-game nor approved through the proper channels (forums).
  • Stalling roleplay intentionally.
  • Creating and using Throwaway characters for personal gain / breaking rules.
  • Using "quiet" commands such as /w , /mec , and /itc in scenarios where you would be clearly heard / seen.
  • Spam, exploitation or cheats of any kind (ranging from 3rd party programs to animation abuse, binds and character description abuse)
  • Taking matters into your own hands when it comes to rulebreakers; let administration handle it.
  • OOC Racism of any kind.
  • Attempt to spell correctly and use correct grammar when talking IC.

Character Specific

  • Serious server means serious in-character behavior.
  • Respect your fellow players and staff members.
  • Your character must fit the realistic approach and as such, cannot be overpowered.
  • Your character’s description must be consistent and not radically changed
  • For confrontations, we use P2L (Play to lose) for a realistic approach.
  • /Roll may be used if all involved parties agree to it.
  • Your character is limited to two language flags by default
  • If your character has been PKed, then you cannot remake them.

Situation Specific

  • Personal greed is never a valid reason to kill another character. Mugging / Robbing a person or a store is allowed so long as three armed units are available.
    • Mugging however is only allowed if a valid and well documented reason that has been established. Simply getting on and immediately mugging people is not valid.
  • While a person is being mugged / robbed, only the mugger may take items out of the person's inventory. Bystanders are not allowed unless approved by the mugger. However, only the original mugger may take credits.
  • In order to carry out an attack on the Universal Union (such as Civil Protection Teams, Loyalists, Etc) then there must be at least three armed units available. (Look for cops with 'i3' and up in their names on the scoreboard.)
    • However, if a CP or a Loyalist enters a non patrolled region (Sewers for example), then there does not need to be three armed units.
  • If in the event a Sweep is being performed to look for you, you are not allowed to disconnect until thirty minutes after the search has ended. If you /must/ leave during the sweep (for reasons outside your control), a new sweep will commence randomly sometime after you return.