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Game Director
This will be the main holder of all upcoming operations that is in development / ready to play. There will be a synopsis with every mission, including a download link (after it has been played at least once on the server) and a link to the AAR for records.

Season 1


Dead Men's Valley
U.S Marines have located a number of caches for insurgents operating in the area. Unfortunately for them, these caches are located in what is known as Dead Men's Valley.

Operation Coldstone
U.S Special Forces are approved for an especially dangerous mission to clear one of the most heavily defended airbases in Chernarus.

Welcoming Party (From the Chernarus Campaign)
As U.S Forces make landfall on the mainland of Chernarus, the CDF dig in as they prepare their welcoming party for the first wave of invaders.

Dead Men Tell No Tales
British Forces move across an old nuclear testing ground, trench style, in an attempt to clear a heavily fortified gas station.

Blind Eye

A foreigner has entered the village, heavily wounded. His attackers are closing in en force. It is the way of our people to obey the code of life and protect him until help arrives.

Tide Rising (From the Chernarus Campaign)
Plans are underway to prepare for the invasion of Chernarus. To do that however, U.S forces must land on the island of Utes and clear it of enemy forces.

Afghan Forces have located one of the top leaders of the insurgent forces in the city of Zargabad. With the assistance of U.S Forces, they move in to take the leader into custody. Its unfortunate that neither the afghans nor the U.S Forces understand each other except for their one translator.

Head Hunters
Deep in the jungles of Tanoa are various camps held by the ruthless Syndikat. The Tanoa Defense Force is put in charge in their first trial by fire to clear all of them out and remove the various leaders at each camp.