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Campaign Operation: Black Swan


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In 2011, the Greek Government of Λήμνος (Limnos) created the Kallikratis Plan, which is part of the overall Kallikratis government reform. The reform was seen by many as a weak attempt to try to fix the earlier 2006 Financial Crisis through a series of centralization's of districts and municipals. Numerous accusations of corruption from bribery to theft of taxes by the citizens for personal gain created a strain throughout the country over the following year.

In February of 2013, the situation in Limnos went to a critical level after the government's failure to heed locals warnings regarding infrastructure issues in and around the capital city of Μύρινα (Kavala). A power plant to the North of the city failed, causing the deaths of six workers with many more injured. Power in the majority of the city blacked out, putting the population of nearly 6,000 without access to hot water, refrigeration and most importantly in the hot climate, A/C. Luckily, in June of the same year, power was restored to the vast majority of the city's local inhabitants. However, multiple cases of heat stroke and the resulting heat deaths would become a hot topic during local elections later that year and if such a situation could of been avoided had the various local governments did not fight over who was responsible for paying for the repairs.

In 2016, the bombing of the country's favorable Minister of the Interior Panagiotis Kouroumblis was found out to be caused by a hitman, paid by the then Prime Minister, Alexopoulos. During the trial of the Minister, he was found not-guilty much to the anger of the country's citizens. Within 72 hours, riots began spreading from West to East, in both big and small towns. The Greek military deployed to help local law enforcement, though this only made matters worse as it was seen as the government trying to suppress the population and protect the Minister from justice.

Over the next three years, the conflict has turned into a full on Civil War. Citizens and ex / awol military became a group of Nationalist troops, trying to overthrow the government to restore order to the country and bring the minister (who is now in hiding) to justice. The Greek government, having been pushed into a corner by this seemingly violent insurgency requested help from their ally, the United States with Counter Insurgency Operations (COIN). While Altis Armed Forces try to clear the mid to West sides of the island, the U.S is responsible for the East.

You are part of Task Force Leo. Responsible for maintaining the Southern part of East Coast of Limnos. You occupy a small outpost, donated by the AAF to begin your operations from. Your enemy has been at war for roughly three years, achieving multiple victories both major and minor. They are heavily armed and willing to fight to the bitter end and the civilian population has a very poor taste of the U.S presence as well.

Good luck.


As per the agreement with the local government, Task Force Leo is responsible conducting COIN operations in the Southern half of the East coast. If the situation improves or if it dictates, operations can extend into the Northern region. You are to eliminate the enemy opposition, conduct hearts and minds operations with the local populace and if possible, locate and neutralize the leader of the Insurgency, a man named Stavrou as well as his leadership caste.


Your enemy consists of the people of the Nationalist Party, a group of individuals who have suffered very little defeats and given major victories due to the mismanagement of the AAF over the past few years. Multiple bases have been secured by the NP, as well as their vehicles, weapons, and ammo. Expect resistance at most military bases, especially as you head North. The enemy also maintains a high morale and moral standing with the local population, so their numbers are quite large. You will have to go town to town and look for their hideouts.

As for their gear, expect a wide array of weaponry. Primarily it has consisted of WW2 and Warsaw Pact era weapons. You may encounter BTR's and various motorized vehicles throughout your patrols.


We are nearing the end of the month of September on the island in two weeks. October marks the beginning of Winter, which in this climate consists primarily of rain and cool and cloudy days. The East coast consists mainly of rolling hills and low plains, so expect to be seen quite well by any scouts.


  • 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion.
    • Alpha Company.
      • 4th Platoon.
  • 506th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion.
    • Bravo Company of the 2-506th.
      • 2nd and 3rd Platoons.
  • Various light vehicles.
  • CAS and Transport provided by Aviation assets attached to the 506th IR.
  • More or less may become available / unavailable as the situation develops.

Three Months.


Civilians are extremely hostile to the current U.S Presence. Be heavily aware that many of these individuals are hard line veterans of the war, with many taking an almost religious belief in their cause. Reports of IED's, VB-IED's and even the rare suicide bomber have been used as a tactic by the Nationalist Party's troops in the AO.

Be sure to search citizens often, be wary of suspicious behavior of the local populace and perform plenty of surveillance and other intel collection methods to help locate strongholds. Do not enter buildings unless absolutely have too or have confirmed reports of a possible hideout for weapons, IED's, etc. Damage to civilian property and infrastructure must be avoided as much as possible, in order to help regain the trust of the civilians.
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