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  • If you are looking into joining BFT, please join our Discord before applying to the website. You can get to the Discord by pressing the purple Discord button near the top right of the website below the login. You can also join the Discord if you merely have questions.

Staff Positions

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Sr. Officer
  • Bronze Star
  • Parachute Badge (Basic)
  • Ranger Tab
  • National Defense Medal
  • Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (V)
There is a couple of dedicated staff positions open in BFT. These are duties that are performed out of game and help run BFT. Signing up for one of these roles entail the user to the rank of Warrant Officer Candidate and a potential career path in the Warrant Officer lane. This is also on top of any ribbons / awards associated with such duties. If interested, just message me here on the website or on Discord privately.

Mission Designer
  • Will be required to make missions every month.
Media Artist
  • Must provide an art portfolio showing experience.
  • Designs logos, awards, banners for the unit.
  • Must actively try to recruit individuals through the week / month.
Website Design
  • HTML + CSS experience required
  • An expert in a particular subject.
  • Schedules trainings and gives certifications / awards as needed.
  • Current open Trainer positions: Medical School, Phase Training (Basic Training), Sniper School, Artillery (Using ITC Systems).
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